My Book Reviews: Not Working

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I only write blog posts about books that I like, and therefore it is pretty clear that I did like this one. The book begins with an in-depth psychological analysis of the author’s rabbit, and continues to guide us through the stories of other people who, according to the author, are relevant to the main point of the book, which is that slacking off is not inherently bad and that there are positive aspects to it.

The book is divided into several chapters that are themselves composed of three parts: an initial introduction to a certain aspect of laziness, a description of a former patient and an analysis of a famous person. I found this layout very interesting and the deep delve into the life of famous authors and directors was very enlightening for me as I am generally very ignorant about these topics.

Because the book is about laziness and not working, I am not going to write any further because I don’t want to.

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